Trandata provides intelligent data solutions based on preeminent technologies to power innovation across enterprises. We augment your systems, allowing your teams to collaborate effortlessly and provide a more satisfying customer experience service.

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Our products

Applicable Fields

Analyze and evaluate data to help enterprises reduce hidden risks, save business expenses and optimize operation process of companies in various industries

Banking & Finance

Automate banking and loan processes and enhance customer experience


Detect and prevent insurance fraud and improve customer experience


Strengthen monitoring and analysis of security activities

Health Care

Identify treatment, improve healthcare processes , and develop new infrastructures and emergency medical services

E-commer & Service

Analyze customer behavior and build up customer experience


Search for potential students & introduce innovative data-driven approaches for teaching



With the common goal of bringing more values while minimizing risks and costs for customers, Trandata and our strategic alliances join forces to deliver top-notch advantages propelled by business insights and technology innovations.

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Trandata is a member of FPT Software, which provides a comprehensive solution drawing 360° customer portrait in various industries.

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Trandata Ltd is a company registered in Hanoi, Vietnam Number SC354270.