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Founded in June 2020 by FPT Software, Trandata focuses on providing comprehensive data solutions for businesses. By applying Big Data, AI and Blockchain to analyze data, Trandata hopes to bring our technology into implementation in various industries such as Banking and Finance, E-commerce, Education, Health, and more.

We Can Help You

Verify customers and understand customer behavior clearly

Provide better customer experience services

Reduce risk rate for enterprises

Reduce the burden on back office

Make workflow easier, quicker & safer

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Constantly developing and improving our products, Trandata have provided technology solutions to more than 50 businesses around the world, including:




Retail chains


Big e-commerce


Fintech companies

Determination, perseverance, hard work and fearlessness of tiredness are the factors that bring about success to startups

Truong Gia Binh

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of FPT Corporation.

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Trandata is a member of FPT Software, which provides a comprehensive solution drawing 360° customer portrait in various industries.

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Trandata Ltd is a company registered in Hanoi, Vietnam Number SC354270.